Minimalist Bathroom Decor: Simple Yet Relaxing Design

Minimalist bathroom decor embraces simplicity through clean lines, plenty of open space, and a limited color palette. The key characteristics include:

Minimalist Bathroom Styles To Consider
  • Neutral colors like white, black, beige, and gray
  • Simple and sleek bathroom fixtures
  • Lots of empty space on walls and countertops
  • Natural light through windows and skylights

For example, many minimalist bathrooms in Irvine, CA feature white subway tile, wall-mounted sinks, rainfall showerheads, and marble countertops. The focus is on only including essential decorative elements so the space appears tranquil and feels more spacious.

Some other names for minimalist bathroom style are contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, or industrial. But they all share that stripped-down, sleek aesthetic that creates a relaxing oasis.

Instead of cluttered spaces and frilly decor, imagine an airy, spa-like bathroom with clean lines, muted colors, and plenty of breathing room. That is the hallmark of a minimalist bath design.

Benefits of a Minimalist Bathroom Design

There are many practical and aesthetic advantages to embracing the minimalist bath trend:

Calming, Spa-Like Ambience

Without visual clutter, a minimalist bathroom promotes a soothing, spa-like environment. The neutral color scheme and ample open spaces create a tranquil vibe perfect for starting and ending your day.

Makes Small Bathrooms Appear More Spacious

Removing ornamentation and unnecessary items gives the illusion of more space. A minimalist style allows small bathrooms to feel open instead of cramped.

Easy to Clean and Organize

With fewer nooks and crannies, a minimalist bathroom stays tidy. The lack of intricate designs also makes surfaces easier to wipe down.

Timeless Style

The straightforward minimalist aesthetic has staying power. Unlike bold color schemes or ornate details, the pared-down look won’t feel dated over time.

Lower Budget

You can achieve a minimalist style without expensive building materials. More affordable options like tile, laminate, concrete, and repurposed wood work well.

The simplicity of the minimalist bathroom makes it a sensible and stylish choice for all homes. And the clean canvas gives you room to add personal touches.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Bathroom

Tips For Creating A Minimalist Bathroom

Follow these essential tips when designing your minimalist bathroom:

Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

Avoid bold colors and patterns. Instead opt for different shades of white, gray, black, and beige on walls, floors, counters and fixtures. Consider a white subway tile backsplash or neutral porcelain floor tiles.

Choose Sleek Fixtures

Look for bathroom hardware with straight, angular lines and little ornamentation. Some examples include wall-mounted faucets, floating shelving, frameless shower doors, and pedestal sinks.

Focus on Natural Light

Take advantage of any natural light in the bathroom through skylights or windows. Also install lighting that provides bright, white illumination.

Minimize Clutter

Only keep everyday essentials in the bathroom. Store them neatly on open shelving or hidden behind cabinet doors. Avoid clutter on the countertops.

Limit Decorative Accents

Let the room’s structure and materials be the star. Add decorative elements sparingly like a vase, candle, succulent plant or single piece of wall art.

Install Functional Shelving

Well-placed shelving keeps things organized with a minimalist look. Try corner shelving, rail shelving, or hanging wall racks.

Achieving the minimalist bath style is about simplifying, not removing everything. Include only purposeful, essential elements with clean lines and muted colors.

Minimalist Ideas for Key Bathroom Areas

When designing a minimalist bathroom, keep this style guidance in mind for essential areas:

Bathroom Countertops

  • White quartz or white marble countertops
  • Floating countertops with invisible brackets
  • Rectangular undermount sinks
  • Integrated countertop and sink


  • Wall-mounted faucets
  • Rainfall showerheads
  • Essential oil diffusers
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • Towel warming racks


  • Porcelain, marble or concrete tile
  • Vinyl wood plank tiles
  • Seamless epoxy floors
  • Radiant floor heating


  • Skylights and LED lights
  • Sconces
  • Sculptural pendants
  • Vanity lighting
  • Natural light

Focus on simplicity and purpose when selecting finishes and fixtures. The minimalist bath isn’t ornate but rather an exercise in utility and understated elegance.

Where to Buy Minimalist Bathroom Decor

Minimalist Ideas For Key Bathroom Areas

Many retailers offer bathroom fixtures, lighting, sinks, tile and accessories to complete your minimalist oasis. Check out these go-to stores:

Online Retailers

  • Wayfair – All-in-one online source for bathroom remodeling needs
  • Overstock – Affordable finds on vanities, sinks, mirrors and more
  • Amazon – Extensive selection with convenient delivery

Big Box Stores

  • West Elm – Known for contemporary, mid-century modern style
  • Crate & Barrel – Sophisticated bath essentials and luxury linens
  • CB2 – Modern, affordable furniture and decor
  • IKEA – Scandinavian style at budget-friendly price points

Lighting Showrooms

  • Lumens – High-end modern lighting from renowned designers
  • YLighting – Innovative contemporary and classic light fixtures

Shopping online and in-store gives you plenty of minimalist options for all bathroom spaces and styles. Consult design experts for personalized recommendations too.

Minimalist Bathroom Styles to Consider

While the minimalist bath centers on a neutral palette and lack of ornamentation, you can lean into different aesthetics with these styles:


Scandinavian style plays up light colors, straight lines, and functionality. You’ll see lots of wood tones, stone accents, and eco-friendly materials. This lightweight, casual style pairs perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic.


Exposed pipes, duct work, concrete, and metal elements take center stage in industrial bathrooms. Streamlined modern fixtures mixed with utilitarian rawness create an urban loft vibe.


Japanese minimalist bathrooms focus on serenity through natural materials like wood paneling, stone bathtubs, and zen garden elements. This Eastern-influenced style promotes harmony through simplicity.

Even in pared-down spaces, you can reflect different vibes from spa-like to urban. The minimalist template serves as a versatile base for various stylings.

Common Minimalist Bathroom FAQs

Have questions about successfully executing this popular style? Below are answers to some top queries:

  1. What paint color is best for a minimalist bathroom?

    Stick with white, light gray, or soft beige walls. Dark bold colors overwhelm the senses and smaller bright hues feel juvenile and out of balance.

  2. What flooring options work with minimalist style?

    Tile, concrete, vinyl wood plank, and seamless epoxy floors suit the streamlined aesthetic. Stay away from plush carpeting or intricate patterns.

  3. What type of sink should I install?

    Choose an undermount, floating, wall-hung or console sink for a seamless look. Materials like stone resin, porcelain, or fireclay work well.

  4. Should I get a bathtub or just a shower?

    Showers fit better with the minimalist motif of open space and clean sight lines. But some designs incorporate luxurious modern soaking tubs. Decide based on your needs and space.

  5. Is it easy to clean a minimalist bathroom?

    Yes! With flat surfaces and less nooks and crannies, it’s simpler to keep your space spotless. Limit objects that collect dust or dirt.

  6. Does a minimalist bathroom cost less?

    Often yes, if you utilize inexpensive building materials instead of premium finishes. But high-design fixtures, tile and lighting raise the budget. Set realistic expectations.

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