Designing Your Dream Farmhouse Master Bathroom

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by transforming your master bathroom into a charming farmhouse retreat. This style combines vintage character with modern amenities for the ultimate spa-like sanctuary. Let’s explore popular farmhouse elements to help you create a bathroom oasis that fits your family’s needs and budget.

Popular Farmhouse Master Bathroom Design Elements

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Design Elements
Farmhouse Master Bathroom Design Elements

Farmhouse decor embraces natural textures and antique-inspired details to cultivate cozy appeal. Typical features include:

  • White shiplap or antique tile for the walls
  • Vintage-style plumbing fixtures in black, brass, or white
  • Freestanding soaking tubs for long baths
  • Wood accents like floating shelves or hardwood flooring
  • Natural materials like stone and marble tiles
  • Potted greenery for an organic touch
  • Black metal hardware and lighting fixtures
  • Exposed wood beams or shiplap ceiling
  • Plush towels and woven baskets

Interior designer Sarah Jones from Laguna Beach recommends pairing an oval clawfoot tub with white shiplap walls and a large window to create a light and airy farmhouse bathroom sanctuary. “The white backdrop allows the textures of the wood tub, fluffy towels and your choice of greenery to really stand out,” she explains.

Master Bathroom Layout Considerations

When remodeling your master bath into a farmhouse retreat, consider the layout to ensure it suits your needs. Factor in proper spacing for desired features like:

  • A roomy freestanding or clawfoot bathtub
  • His and hers sinks with a double vanity
  • An open walk-in shower
  • Adequate lighting at the vanity for tasks like makeup application and grooming
  • Built-in storage for folded towels and toiletries
  • Windows and skylights to allow abundant natural sunlight to filter in

“We always start farmhouse bathroom remodels by measuring the existing space and structural elements to develop an efficient layout,” says Tony Clark, owner of Newport Beach-based Dream Home Remodelers. “Understanding the room’s parameters allows us to strategically place fixtures, maximize storage, and meet our client’s wish list.”

Some popular farmhouse layout ideas include:

  • Placing the freestanding tub beneath a window or skylight
  • Incorporating shiplap or beadboard wainscoting as a accent wall backdrop behind the tub or vanity
  • Creating a walk-through shower with glass doors to save space
  • Adding a window bench or built-in shelving for displaying candles, plants and decorative accents

Master Bathroom Remodel Process

Transforming a dated and tired bathroom into a spa-like farmhouse retreat takes careful planning and skilled craftsmanship. Here is a overview of the process:


Meet with the homeowners to discuss their design goals, must-have features, color schemes, and budget for the remodel

Measure and Layout Finalization

Create detailed measurements of the existing space and finalize the layout

Materials Selection

Choose finishing touches like fixtures, tile, paint colors, vanities. etc


File required permits with the local city planning office


Gut old and outdated elements like flooring, wall surfaces and plumbing fixtures

Rough Plumbing and Electrical

Run new water supply lines, drains, vents and electrical wiring per code

Install New Plumbing Fixtures

Set tub, toilets, faucets and shower components

Finish Plumbing and Electrical

Hook up drainage and supply lines, lighting, outlets, and exhaust fans

Flooring and Wall Installation

Add tile, luxury vinyl plank flooring or backsplash

Paint Prep and Priming

Prepare surfaces, caulk gaps, apply primer coat(s)


Roll on finish coat(s), letting fully dry between coats

Final Details

Adjust fixtures, hang sconces, thoroughly clean the space

The remodel timeline varies based on scope of work, with an average bathroom overhaul taking 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

Popular Farmhouse Style Fixtures

Popular Farmhouse Style

Choose fixtures that balance vintage charm and modern functionality when designing your farmhouse bathroom. Some top picks include:


  • Clawfoot tub
  • Slipper tub
  • Oval soaking tub


  • Bridge faucets
  • Gooseneck faucets
  • Double handle widespread faucets


  • Black showerhead
  • Rain showerhead
  • Handheld shower wand


  • Oval undermount sink
  • Vessel sink
  • Double vanity sink


  • Elongated bowl toilet
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Wall hung macerating toilet


  • Vintage sconces
  • Industrial pendants
  • Wrought iron chandelier
  • Wall mounted candle holders

Mixing modern conveniences like a rainfall showerhead with vintage touches like a clawfoot tub creates a harmonious blend of old and new for the ideal farmhouse bathroom.

Farmhouse Color Schemes

Incorporate natural, neutral paint colors to cultivate a peaceful farmhouse look. Popular options include:

All white

ceilings, walls, trim and cabinetry painted crisp white

Black and white combo

black window frames, mirrors or hardware paired with white walls

Soft greens

sage, seafoam or pale mint tones

Light blues

airy sky blue, icy blue or weathered blue hues

Wood tones

rich browns echoing wood floors or furniture

Accent the neutral backdrop with natural textures like woven baskets, linen towels, marble countertops and greenery for an organic feel.

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Cost

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Cost
Farmhouse Master Bathroom Cost

The cost to remodel a master bathroom into a spa-like farmhouse retreat depends on the size of the space and selections. Most full master bathroom remodels including labor and materials range from $8,000-$15,000 on average. Key factors impacting your budget include:

  • Scope of work – a facelift focuses on surfaces like paint, fixtures and lighting for less cost vs. a full gut job remodeling everything
  • Layout changes – moving plumbing, walls or windows costs more
  • Material grades and brands – premium tiles, cabinets and hardware increase price
  • Specialty features – steam showers, heated floors and high-tech toilets raise the budget
  • Geographic location – labor and material rates vary by region

For example, a minor farmhouse bathroom update with new sconce lighting, an antique tub, vanity and fresh paint costs approximately $2,500 in materials plus labor. A full overhaul changing the layout and replacing everything from the studs out starts around $15,000.

Here are tips for creating a cozy farmhouse bathroom on a budget:

  • Shop antique and secondhand stores for vintage furnishings like a dresser turned vanity
  • Use peel-and-stick wallpaper as an affordable alternative to pricey tile
  • Paint existing vanities, mirrors and tubs for an instant facelift
  • Incorporate faux greenery instead of living plants
  • Install new black or bronze fixtures and accessories

With careful planning, you can design a charming farmhouse master bathroom retreat to unwind in without overspending. Determine must-have features versus nice-to-haves and research ways to save.

Designing a soothing farmhouse master bathroom provides a peaceful way to start and end your day. Key elements like vintage fixtures, natural textures, greenery and a freestanding tub help cultivate rustic style and spa-like luxury. Factor in layout, desired features, and budget when planning your bathroom overhaul. The result will provide a rejuvenating retreat to relax and recharge as well as boost the value of your home through upgraded amenities. Bring the simple pleasures of the countryside home with a dream farmhouse bathroom oasis.

Bring Your Farmhouse Bathroom Vision to Life

If you’re ready to remodel your outdated bathroom into a spa-like farmhouse retreat, the expert team at Dreamcatcher Remodeling can help. We specialize in creating custom bathrooms tailored to your unique style, needs and budget.

Our farmhouse bathroom remodeling services include:

  • Initial free in-home consultation and 3D design renderings
  • Complete gut remodels or facelifts focusing on surfaces
  • Installation of vintage reproductions or antique lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Tub-to-shower conversions
  • Custom cabinetry and double vanity creation
  • Tile, stone and glass backsplashes
  • Waterproof shower niche and bench building
  • Premium countertops like quartz and marble

With over 15 years of experience enhancing Orange County homes, we handle all details from permitting to demolition to finishing touches. Our goal is bringing your dream farmhouse bathroom design to life on time and on budget.

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