Luxury Bathroom Ideas to Elevate Your Home

A luxurious bathroom reflects the sophistication, style, and overall home value while providing a relaxing spa-like experience every day. Anyone considering a bathroom remodel should evaluate the many luxury bathroom designs and ideas available to inspire their next upgrade.

Planning Your High-End Bathroom Remodel

Planning Your High End Bathroom Remodel

The first step in creating a lavish bathroom involves planning and decision making on the size, layout, specific luxury features, and overall style. Take inspiration from home magazines, websites, and luxury bathroom specialists to put together a vision board or folders of images depicting the finishes, textures, and ambiance you want. Luxury bathroom remodels require working with specialized designers upfront to bring to reality the custom features and innovative configurations found in high-end homes. Those embarking on a grand bathroom project need to determine the style first—modern, contemporary, traditional, coastal—and set a budget that allows for quality materials and multiple phases if needed.

Be sure to pay attention to any building codes or zoning regulations in your area that may impact material choices. For example, in many cities across Orange County like Irvine and Huntington Beach, policies require low-flow toilets and showers to reduce water usage. Due to the extensive planning and customization involved, we recommend teaming up with a professional bathroom designer familiar with luxury trends and suppliers in the Orange County region. Top local firms like Designer Bath & Kitchen based in coastal Newport Beach can help guide home owners through every decision.

Here are important planning considerations when designing your glamorous bathroom transformation:

Layout and Size

Consider bumping out walls, moving plumbing and fixtures, and reworking flow and sightlines. Is there unused space to incorporate? Prioritize a spacious, open feel with room for a double vanity or makeup station.

Luxurious Materials

From marble tile to wood cabinetry to stone and glass accents, invest in finishes and products that feel indulgent. Upgrade the quality of every surface and fixture.

Relaxation Features

Transform your bathroom into a home spa sanctuary. Think steam showers, jetted tubs, heated floors, towel warmers, and space for candles and a Bluetooth speaker.

Custom Storage

Maximize every inch with pull-out cabinets, under sink drawers, built-in shelving, and recessed medicine cabinets to reduce visual clutter.

High-Tech Upgrades

Invest in the latest smart home technology, lighting innovations, and modern conveniences like a built-in TV, motion-activated features, and cutting edge toilets.

Designer Guidance

Hire a luxury bathroom specialist designer early in the process to maximize the layout and highlight exclusive materials and custom upgrades that reflect your vision and budget. Their expertise brings this level of quality and sophistication to the project.

Choosing Luxury Materials

The materials selected for a lavish bathroom remodel dramatically impact the overall style, feel, and functionality of the space. Investing in high-end finishes elevates the look significantly compared to standard-grade counterparts and brings an air of luxury.

Be sure to pay attention to any building codes or zoning regulations in your area that may impact material choices. For example, in many cities across Orange County like Irvine and Huntington Beach, policies require low-flow toilets and showers to reduce water usage.

Here are some of the most common luxury materials used in upscale bathroom designs:


Choosing Luxury Materials

Tiles set the tone for any bath project, whether as an accent or full wall application. Luxury tiles come in various sizes, shapes, textures and patterns.

  • Marble –Classic and elegant, marble tile brings a refined Old World feel with its veining and upscale aesthetic. Needs sealing.
  • Travertine – For a stone look at often lower cost, travertine offers an earthy, natural vibe, especially in large format tiles or slabs on walls or floors.
  • Porcelain – Available in endless colors and styles, porcelain tiles offer durability and water resistance. Can mimic pricier materials like marble and natural stone.
  • Mosaic – For added visual interest, custom mosaic configurations and artistic patterns take any bathroom to the next level.


The cabinets provide ample storage as well as a design focal point. Luxury cabinets maximize function and aesthetics.

  • Wood Types – From oak to maple to exotic Brazilian cherry wood, the wood selection brings warmth. Painted finishes are also popular for a crisp, bright look.
  • Custom Design – Invest in fully custom cabinetry or upgrade standard cabinet boxes with specialty doors and hardware for a fully custom look at lower cost.
  • Double Vanity – To prevent crowding and allow for his and hers spaces, double vanities are a common luxury feature. Upgrade to furniture-style legs or panels to continue cabinetry finishes.

Incorporating High-End Features

Beyond just using luxury materials, elevating your bathroom’s look and functionality depends on highlighting special high-end features that wow. Here are some of the most popular indulgent upgrades taken to the extreme in lavish home designs:

Freestanding Bathtubs

Go for a sculptural, elegant focal point with a free standing soaking tub on a platform. Materials like stone resin or acrylic allow for sleek, modern forms. Upgrade for jetted bubble massages.

Rainfall Walk-in Showers

Trade in your basic showerhead for an immersive, spa-like experience with rainfall showerheads, many adjustable or handheld. Include a bench and shelf niches.

High-Tech Toilets

From auto-flush to heated seats to built-in bidets, today’s luxury toilets offer the latest innovations for comfort and convenience.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Warm from your feet up with radiant heated flooring, perfect after stepping out of the shower or for those chilly mornings. Tile and wood floors offer this luxury option.

Towel Warmers

Extend the spa pampering with heated towel racks on a timer function. Available in electric and hydronic models, easily incorporated into your bathroom design.

Water Features

Consider incorporating small water features such as vessel fountains or a wall-mounted waterfall to add tranquil, peaceful sounds.

Layout and Storage Ideas

Common Luxury Bathroom Styles

To make the most of available space, lavish bathrooms incorporate customized layouts and abundant storage solutions seamlessly blended into the design. Here are some top layout and storage ideas for achieving both beauty and abundant function:

Double Vanity
His and hers sinks allow two people to comfortably get ready together. Opt for two mirrors and coordinate plumbing fixtures.

Makeup Station
Designate space at the vanity or a separate desk area for applying makeup. Include task lighting, ample outlets, and drawers to organize all beauty essentials.

Towel Racks
Luxurious bathrooms build in customized racks, shelves, and warming drawers to store towels hidden except when in use.

Open shelving offers display space in a spa-like style. Additional cabinets with doors keep necessities neat but accessible.

Medicine Cabinets
Gain storage without sacrificing style. Many medicine cabinets coordinate handles and finishes with other cabinetry so they blend right in. Sidelights and defoggers upgrade models.

Hidden Storage
Maximize unused areas like under foot baths or vanities, sloped ceilings or behind mirrors as integrated storage opportunities not readily visible.

Common Luxury Bathroom Styles

While luxury bathrooms emphasize quality materials and special features throughout, the aesthetic details still reflect an overall design style adding extra character. Here are some of the most popular style choices for lavish bathrooms:

Modern Style

Defined by clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal ornamentation. Emphasis on glass, metal accents, and high-gloss and matte finishes. Stand out bathtubs and vanities. Chrome fixtures.


Artistic flair pushes boundaries like asymmetrical designs and unique mixtures of materials, textures, colors and lighting. Custom tile patterns. Unique basins atop floating vanities. Vessel sinks.


Classic and timeless, traditional luxury bathrooms focus on symmetry and balance in layout. Marble details, clawfoot tubs, soaking tubs. Warm metal finishes like polished nickel or oil-rubbed bronze on fixtures.


Blends modern and traditional elements for the best of both. Clean lines mixed with vintage accents. Quartz counters complement a freestanding tub. Adds a classic twist to a contemporary space.

California Casual

This relaxed style popular across Southern California emphasizes indoor-outdoor living. Bring the beach vibe in through lots of windows, natural textures like stone and wood mixed with glass, and an airy, calm palette.

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