Clever Tips for Maximizing Your Bathroom Storage

Assess Your Bathroom Storage Needs

Bathroom Cabinets And Shelves

When tackling a bathroom storage makeover, the first step is to thoroughly evaluate your storage needs. Take everything out of the cabinets, drawers and off the shelves and countertops. Gather these items in one spot and organize by category – medicines, toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies etc. This gives you a visual overview of the volume of stuff you need to store.

Understanding User Demographics

Next, make a list of everyone who uses this bathroom. Do you need storage for just yourself or for a partner and kids too? Understanding your user demographic is key. For example, according to the city inspector in Anaheim, a bathroom shared by a family of four has very different needs than a solo apartment dweller. Factor in if young kids need easy access to some items or if you prefer certain toiletries be tucked out of sight.

Categorize and List Items

As you make your list, include:

  • All medicines and vitamin supplements
  • Toiletries like cosmetics, shampoos, soaps etc
  • Hair styling tools and accessories
  • Towels, wash clothes and bath mats
  • Tissues and cleaning wipes
  • Cleaning supplies and toilet paper
  • Anything else stored in this bathroom

Assess Storage Volume Requirements

Tally up the totals for each category. This clear picture of your volume requirements will inform what type of bathroom storage solutions you need. Over-storing each area prevents wasted space.

Add Bathroom Cabinets and Shelves

Choosing the Right Cabinets and Shelves

One of the easiest ways to add substantial bathroom storage is by installing new cabinets and shelves. The key is choosing storage fixtures sized and styled appropriately for your space.

Options for Cabinets and Shelves

  • For extra counter and concealed storage, look into adding a cabinet below the sink or installing a new vanity with enclosed cabinet space.
  • Full height pantry cabinets occupy previously unused wall space.
  • Consider open shelving above the toilet for rolled towels and toiletries.
  • Corner cabinets maximize awkward angled corners common in bathrooms.

Materials and Design

When selecting cabinets, seek out moisture resistant and antimicrobial materials that withstand bathroom humidity. Solid wood looks chic but many affordable, durable options exist – laminates, thermoplastics and vinyl wrapped MDF products hold up well over time.

Placement and Planning

Take time mapping out your prospective cabinet and shelf placement. Measure carefully and sketch plans to ensure new fixtures fit well within the room. This planning stage prevents costly errors and helps select bathroom storage sizes correctly. Maximize every inch by using awkward narrow spaces for narrow cabinets and dead corner space for specialty corner shelves.

Use Wall Space Creatively

Installing Towel Bars and Racks

Installing extra towel bars liberates counter and cabinet space for backup towels and washcloths. Choose bars in different lengths – some long enough for bath sheets, others for hand towels and face cloths. Consider heated towel bars that also dry damp towels.

Baskets and Hooks

Baskets, usually woven wicker or rattan, add texture when hung on the wall. Use for containing rolled washcloths or smaller toiletries. Hooks placed strategically around the bathroom provide hanging room for robes, bathmats or towels.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves make use of wall space above eye level without encroaching on valuable floor and counter real estate. They work beautifully above toilets and on either side of medicine cabinets and sinks.

Considerations for User Accessibility

When mapping out wall storage, consider bathroom users heights and ability ranges. Place some storage low enough for children to easily reach. Locate other items for adult accessibility.

Optimize Drawers and Under Sink Space

Optimize Drawers And Under Sink Space
Optimize Drawers And Under Sink Space

Custom Drawer Organizers

Installing custom drawer organizers makes the contents visible and neatly compartmentalized. Consider built-ins like cutlery organizers for makeup brushes and brush holders. Sliding two level trays double storage capacity. Clear or mesh plastic bins of varying sizes sort toiletries and supplies effectively.

Under Sink Organizing

According to local experts in Newport Beach, the area under bathroom sinks often turns into disorganized cluttered chaos. Take back this prime real estate using caddies, shelves and slide out trays to neatly corral all those pipes and cleaning products.

Maximizing Vertical Space

When shopping for new drawer and sink storage organizers focus on maximizing vertical space. Look for stackable and adjustable components catering to odd sizes and existing sink configurations. Proper measurement ensures custom fitting solutions down to the exact inch.

Rethink Your Medicine Cabinet

Cleaning and Decluttering

First, take everything out and thoroughly clean the cabinet. Consider whether you still need all those items or can donate unused products to declutter.

Measure and Organize

Next, take measurements of all cabinet dimensions, including depth, width and shelf heights. Bring these to the store when shopping for organizers. Proper sizing ensures efficient use of every inch of existing space.

Upgrading Your Medicine Cabinet

For ultimate storage, install pull out mirrored cabinet organizer trays revealing all contents in stacked, adjustable shelves. If a full organizer won’t fit, consider corner shelves, removable bins and clips to hold smaller items like nail files.

Reduce Clutter with Coordinated Storage

Reduce Clutter With Coordinated Storage
Reduce Clutter With Coordinated Storage

Establishing an Aesthetic Vision

Seek out bathroom collections integrating cabinets, shelves, organizers and accessories into a unified look. Mixing and matching separate elements risks winding up with a hodge podge of styles even if each serves a functional purpose.

Choosing a Storage Collection

Storage collections create cohesive sophistication. For contemporary styling, lean towards clean lines, woven raffia basket organizers and white and chrome finishes. Traditional bathrooms tend towards built-in cabinetry, arched mirrors and antique style brass hardware and accessories.

Arranging Storage Neatly

Arranging storage containers neatly also enhances aesthetics and makes locating items easier. Clear acrylic bins allow visibility of contents so similar bottles don’t hide lost at the back of cabinets. Turntables and angled organizers neatly line up toiletries.

Make Use of Wasted Areas

Make Use Of Wasted Areas

Utilizing Dead Space

That leftover “dead” space around the tub and shower area in many bathrooms presents innovative storage possibilities. Freestanding shelving units often fit nicely filling unused floor space yet still allow easy cleaning behind them. Or install permanent shelving built right into wall studs.

Narrow Shelving Towers

According to bathroom remodeling companies in Huntington Beach, look for narrow shelving towers to tuck into the small recessed areas beside bathtubs. These vertically oriented units make use of awkward dimensions while still stashing piles of towels and toiletries.

Built-in or Wall Mounted Niches

For large airy walk in showers, consider installing built-in or wall mounted niches. These cradle shampoos and soaps up high, out of the direct water spray. Below, ceramic or wood benches harbor bath toys, washing necessities and waterproof speakers.

Storage Carts and Bath Caddies

Storage carts roll where you need them for flexible space solutions. A three tier metal storage cart stashes toilet paper, cleaning essentials and backup towels while fitting into tight spots. Or try a bamboo bath caddy with customizable rack attachments for holding razors, loofahs and foot scrub brushes.

Over the Door Storage

For super small bathrooms, over the door storage hangs on the back of the door maximizing vertical space. Useful for stashing extras like toilet paper packs and backup towels.

Creative Solutions for Unused Areas

Don’t overlook the seemingly useless areas around tub and shower zones. A little creativity coupled with the right storage furniture effectively conquers the wasted spaces!

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