Newport Beach History: A Journey Through Time

Behold the majestic beauty of the Upper Bay of Newport, a breathtaking canyon formed by a powerful stream in the ancient Pleistocene era. As if touched by the hands of time itself, the Lower Bay of Newport emerged later, as ocean currents gracefully swept in and deposited precious sand, giving birth to the enchanting Balboa Peninsula we know today.

The Legacy of the Tongva Community

Newport Beach, a land rich with history, was once home to the vibrant and flourishing Tongva community. Their villages, Genga and Moyongna, stood proudly on this very soil for thousands of years. However, the arrival of European colonizers in the 1800s marked a dark chapter in their story, as the Tongva were forcibly removed and assimilated. Today, as we enjoy the beauty and the great weather of Newport Beach, it’s important to recognize that we stand on the unceded homelands of the Tongva people. They have always been, and continue to be, the true guardians of this land.

The Birth of Newport Beach

The State of California had an incredible deal – acre-plots of land for just $1 each in the beautiful Newport area! And people flocked to the area after 1870 when a brave captain named Samuel S. Dunnells sailed his 105-ton steamer, The Vaquero, through the treacherous bay of Newport. Against all warnings, he safely navigated and unloaded his cargo. When James Irvine heard this amazing news, he rushed from San Francisco to the San Joaquin Ranch. There, he met with his brother Robert Irvine and their friend James Mcfadden in Irvine’s ranch house. They all agreed that this incredible new port should be called “Newport” – and that’s how Newport Beach came to be! And to make it even better, James Mcfadden built a magnificent Mcfadden Wharf in 1888.

The Rise of a Bustling City

In the year 1905, the bustling city of Newport experienced a surge of growth and excitement as the Pacific Electric Railway made its majestic entrance, connecting the sandy beaches with the dazzling heart of downtown Los Angeles. And just a year later, in 1906, with a mere 206 citizens, the scattered settlements transformed into the enchanting City of Newport Beach, capturing the essence of coastal charm and vibrant energy.

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